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Other international federation of societies for microscopy members

For links to their sites visit

  • Argentina Microscopy Society

  • Armenian Electron Microscopy Society

  • Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Society Inc.

  • Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy

  • Belgian Society for Microscopy

  • Brazilian Society for Electron Microscopy

  • Microscopical Society of Canada

  • Chinese Electron Microscopy Society

  • Electron Microscopy Society, Taipei

  • Croatian Microscopy Society

  • Czechoslovak Microscopy Society

  • Royal Microscopical Society

  • Societe Francaise des Microscopies

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Elektronenmikroskopie

  • Hungarian Society for Microscopy

    Electron Microscope Society of India

  • Microscopy Society of Ireland

  • Israel Society for Microscopy

  • Italian Society for Electron Microscopy

  • Japanese Society of Microscopy

  • Korean Society of Electron Microscopy

  • Mexican Society for Electron Microscopy

  • New Zealand Society for Electron Microscopy

  • Polish Commission for Electron Microscopy

  • Portuguese Society for Microscopy

  • Russian Society for Electron Microscopy

  • Microscopy Society of Singapore

  • Slovenian Society for Microscopy

  • Spanish Microscopy Society

  • SCANDEM Nordic Microscopy Society

  • Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy

  • Microscopy Society of Thailand

  • Dutch Society for Electron Microscopy

  • Turkish Electron Microscopy Society

  • Microscopy Society of America

  • Venezuelan Society for Electron Microscopy

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