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The ATUMtome for automated serial sectioning and 3-D imaging.

P. Webster. D. Bentley and J. Kearney

RMC Boeckeler, Boeckeler Instruments Inc. 4650 South Butterfield Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85714, USA.

Email: garethmorgan@brookes.ac.uk


The progress in correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) has recently taken a great step forward with the introduction of a device that attaches to an ultramicrotome and collects thin sections of resin embedded material in sequential order. The ATUMtome is an extension of the array tomography serial sectioning approach to imaging biological material that was recently introduced. Whereas array tomography manually collected limited numbers of serial sections, the ATUMtome is able to automatically collect hundreds or thousands of sections onto a tape for imaging by light or electron microscopy. Originally designed for studying neuronal connections in the brain, the ATUMtome can be used to image large volumes of any organ or tissue where 3-D relationships between structures are important. Details of the use of the ATUMtome for automated serial sectioning and 3-D imaging will be presented.

 November 06, 2015
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Technical Forum 2015

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