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One View: TEM Imaging Re-invented


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Digital cameras for TEMs were initially a film substitute, only used for final acquisition, because they were too slow for use whilst searching or focussing. In more recent times, cameras became faster and could be used more routinely in fast readout modes, at reduced resolution or from sub-areas. With the release of the OneView camera this has been improved on significantly.


Gatan's new sensor technology allows a full 4K x 4K image to be constantly refreshed at 25 frames per second. This means no compromises on read-out area or resolution and a very easy, streamlined user experience. Furthermore, this technology enables real time drift correction during image acquisition. Sharp images are available even from drifting or unstable samples. With the addition of the "in situ" option, this camera can be accelerated to >200 frames per second, opening new experimental possibilities for dynamic TEM studies.

 November 06, 2015
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Technical Forum 2015

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