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Latest developments in high pressure freezing

Andreas Nowak

Leica – Microsystems, Ernst-Leitz-Str. 17-37, 35578 Wetzlar, Germany
Email: Andreas.Nowak@leica-microsystems.com


Leica Microsystems has launched a High-Pressure Freezer with Fully Integrated Light Stimulation system. High pressure freezing is currently the only method for preserving aqueous samples in their native state. The Leica EM ICE enables users to cryo-fixate samples without introducing structural alteration, so that samples imaged with an electron microscope yield close-to-native state images at nanometer resolution. Additionally, the Leica EM ICE gives researchers the possibility to design novel experiments with the combination of high pressure freezing and light stimulation. High-pressure freezing combined with light stimulation can reveal intricate changes in fine structure or fundamental processes in life science and industry research. The instrument enables users to synchronize high-pressure freezing and light stimulation with the precision of a millisecond, capturing dynamic phenomena to further analyze it at nanometer resolution. Details of the latest developments in high pressure freezing using the LEICA EM ICE will be presented.

 November 06, 2015
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Technical Forum 2015

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